About Us

The SF Gateway is an initiative of the Orion Publishing Group, home to the UK's oldest science fiction publisher, Gollancz.

As an imprint, SF Gateway is an eBook publisher of classic SF and Fantasy. It is a sister imprint to Gollancz that, as a rule, focuses on SF's past, while Gollancz looks to its future.

As a website, SF Gateway is part catalogue site, highlighting and promoting the thousands of eBooks the imprint publishes; it is part gateway (pardon the inevitable pun) to the online retailers from whom these eBooks can be bought; part community hub for readers who wish to discuss and recommend authors and books with their fellow enthusiasts; and part commentary/blog site.

As an ethos, SF Gateway is the attempt by a company with tremendous respect for the history of the field to ensure that the great works of SF & Fantasy's heritage are not lost to the harsh economic realities of modern commercial print publishing.

The SF Gateway Advisory Board

Established to coincide with the launch of the SF Gateway website, the Advisory Board was empanelled to act as ambassadors for the project and to be  a forum for the discussion of ways in which we can promote the eBooks, the site and its content, while remaining true to the spirit of project: to make available for the modern reader, the vast numbers of hitherto out-of-print works that are the heritage of the genre. 

The SF Gateway Advisory Board comprises:

  • Stephen Baxter, Philip K. Dick & John W. Campbell Memorial Award-winning author, and president of the British Science Fiction Association
  • Pat Cadigan, two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author
  • Malcolm Edwards, Deputy CEO and Publisher, Orion Publishing Group
  • Nicola Griffith, James Tiptree, Jr & Nebula Award-winning author
  • Darren Nash, Digital Publisher, Gollancz
  • Robert Silverberg, multiple Hugo & Nebula Award-winning author and SFWA Grand Master

Queries for the Advisory Board should be directed to enquiries@sfgateway.com

Site Administrators

The SF Gateway website is administered by Digital Publisher Darren Nash, Editorial Assistant Emily Lunn and such members of Orion staff as they might from time to time direct.

Community/Forum Moderators

In addition to those listed above, a number of community members have been appointed to act as moderators to the forum. While we hope and trust that all posters to the forum will comport themselves according to the community guidelines, we recognise that there may occasionally be need for comments and/or behaviour to be moderated.