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Ray Aldridge

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Ray Aldridge (1948 - )
Raymon Huebert Aldridge was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1948. He has published a three-volume series, The Emancipator, featuring ex-slave investigator Ruiz Aw. Short stories by Aldridge appeared in Full Spectrum 4 (1993) and The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 40th Anniversary Anthology. Among his shorter works are Steel Dogs (1989), Gate of Faces (1991), a Nebula Best Novelette nominee (1992) and The Beauty Addict (1993), a Nebula Best Novella nominee (1994).


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Essential reading

The Pharaoh Contract (1991)
Book One of The Emancipator Sequence

The Emperor of Everything (1992)
Book Two of The Emancipator Sequence

The Orpheus Machine (1992)
Book Three of The Emancipator Sequence

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