Robin W. Bailey

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Robin Wayne Bailey (1952- ) is the author of many novels, including Shadowdance, the Brothers of the Dragon series, the latest Lankhmar novel, Swords Against the Shadowland, and Night's Angel – an omnibus collection of his Frost novels. His short fantasy and science fiction stories have appeared in many magazines and anthologies, including the million-selling Thieves World series. He served for nine years on the Board of Directors of the Science Fiction Writers of America and is a current board member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Hall of Fame.

He's been a teacher, a musician, a planetarium lecturer, and holds an MA in Literature. His interests include weight-lifting, cycling and Ryobu-Kai karate. Robin Bailey lives in North Kansas City, Missouri.


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Essential reading

Frost (1982)

Shadowdance (1996)

Swords Against the Shadowland (1998)
An authorised Tale of Fafhrd and teh GRay Mouser


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