Shane Dix

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Shane Dix (1960 - )
Shane Dix is a science fiction writer perhaps best known for his collaborations with Sean Williams. With Sean Williams, Shane Dix has produced the Evergence series (three volumes), the Orphans of Earth series (three volumes) and the Geodesica series (two volumes). They also co-wrote the Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Force Heretic trilogy. Together, they have been called "the new Niven & Pournelle for the 21st century".


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Essential reading

The Prodigal Sun (with Sean Williams) (1999)
Evergence: Book One

Echoes of Earth (with Sean Williams) (2002)
Orphans: Book One

Geodesica: Ascent (with Sean Williams) (2005)
Geodesica: Book One

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