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Ru Emerson was raised in Butte Montana (which she claims explains a lot), and after entirely too many years in some of the seedier neighborhoods of Los Angeles, moved to rural Oregon, where she has lived for the past 13 years with Doug (aka 'The Phantom Roommate'), several dogs, rabbits, pigeons, two cats and a furry daughter named Roberta. She has written and sold 17 novels, including the popular NIGHT THREADS 6-volume series, and the first three tie-in novels based on the hit TV Series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. Her novels are also currently in print in Germany, England, Spain and Italy. When not buried in research or actively writing, Emerson can be found running, mountain biking, gardening, weight training or flying two and four-line stunt kites on the Oregon Coast.


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The Calling of the Three

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