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Michael Scott Rohan (1951 - )
Michael Scott Rohan, born in Edinburgh in 1951, writes both fantasy and science fiction. Whilst studying law at Oxford, Rohan joined the SF group and met the president, Allan J Scott, who started him writing for the group's semi-professional magazine SFinx alongside names such as Robert Holdstock and Ian Watson. His first novel, Run to the Stars, was published in 1983 and he collaborated with Allan J Scott on The Hammer and the Cross, a non-fiction account of how Christianity arrived in Viking lands. Rohan is best known for his acclaimed The Winter of the World sequence, an epic fantasy set in an ice-bound world.


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The Anvil of Ice: Book One of The Winter of the World
The Anvil of Ice (1986)


The Winter of the World
forge_in_the_forest_the_140px hammer_of_the_sun_the_140px castle_of_the_winds_the_140px singer_and_the_sea_the_140px shadow_of_the_seer_140px

The Forge in
the Forest


The Hammer of
the Sun


The Castle of
the Winds

The Singer and
the Sea

Shadow of
the Seer



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