Gene Wolfe

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Gene Wolfe (1931 -)
Gene Wolfe was born in New York in 1931 and raised in Texas. After serving in the Korean War he graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Houston and worked in engineering until becoming an editor of a trade periodical, Plant Engineering, in 1972. Since retiring from this post in 1984, he has written full-time. The author of over three dozen award-wining novels and story collections, he is regarded as one of modern fantasy's most important writers. His best-known work, the four volume far-future Book of the New Sun, won the World Fantasy, BSFA, Nebula, British Fantasy and John W. Campbell memorial Awards. He has won the World Fantasy Award four times for his novels and collections and the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award for his extraordinary body of work. Gene Wolfe lives in Illinois with his wife, Rosemary.


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fifth_head_of_cerberus_the_200px Book_of_the_New_Sun_1_Shadow_and_Claw Book_of_the_New_Sun_2_Sword_and_Citadel
The Fifth Head
of Cerberus

The Book of the New Sun Vol. 1: Shadow and Claw
The Book of the New Sun Vol. 2: Sword and Citadel



The Book of the New Sun

shadow_of_the_torturer_the_140px claw_of_the_conciliator_the_140px sword_of_the_lictor_the_140px citadel_of_the_autarch_the_140px
The Shadow of
the Torturer

The Claw of
the Conciliator

The Sword of
the Lictor

The Citadel of
the Autarch



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