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George Zebrowski

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George Zebrowski (1945 - )

George Zebrowski was born in Austria in 1945. Fellow science fiction writer Greg Bear calls him one of those rare speculators who bases his dreams on science as well as inspiration, and the late Terry Carr - one of the science fiction field's most influential editors - described him as an authority in the SF field. Zebrowski has published more than seventy works of short fiction and more than a hundred and forty articles and essays, and has written about science for Omni Magazine. His short fiction and essays have appeared in Amazing Stories, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Science Fiction Age, Nature, the Bertrand Russell Society News and many other publications.

Winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 1999 for his novel Brute Orbits, George Zebrowski lives with author Pamela Sargent, with whom he has co-written a number of novels. A full biography is available here.


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