Demons at Rainbow Bridge, The : Quintara Marathon

by Jack L. Chalker

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Three unique empires threatened by the discovery of alternate life...

The Exchange are consuming the universe's resources through the powers of their cybernetic leaders.

The Mycohlians are parasitic beings who, like a virus, can invade and take over other life forms.

The Mizlaplan are a brilliant, long-lived race who will use any means possible to spread the word of the Cosmic All.

These three empires, maintaining a delicate balance of power, have very little in common - except a strange, recurring legend of a horned demon. Now, a shocking event will change their lives forever: the discovery of two horned creatures, seemingly lifeless and perfectly preserved...


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  2. Ninety Trillion Fausts, The by Jack L. Chalker
  3. Run to Chaos Keep, The by Jack L. Chalker


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