Galaxy of the Lost : Cap Kennedy

by E.C. Tubb

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Captain Kennedy, Earth's trouble shooter carries the Banner of Terran against the unknown sciences and alien psychologies of a thousand worlds.

The crack in the cosmos that has to be sealed!

FATE is the space hero series that has become a must wherever Science Fiction is read. A solid space adventure more exciting than "Startrek" and far more real than "Perry Rhodan". Look out for further titles in this exciting series.


Titles in this series

  1. Beyond the Galactic Lens by E.C. Tubb
  2. Earth Enslaved by E.C. Tubb
  3. Eater of Worlds, The by E.C. Tubb
  4. Enemy Within the Skull by E.C. Tubb
  5. Galactiad, The by E.C. Tubb
  6. Galaxy of the Lost by E.C. Tubb
  7. Genetic Buccaneer, The by E.C. Tubb
  8. Gholan Gate, The by E.C. Tubb
  9. Ghosts of Epidoris, The by E.C. Tubb
  10. Jewel of Jarhen by E.C. Tubb
  11. Mimics of Dephene by E.C. Tubb
  12. Monster of Metelaze by E.C. Tubb
  13. Planet of Dread by E.C. Tubb
  14. Seetee Alert! by E.C. Tubb
  15. Slave Ship from Sergan by E.C. Tubb
  16. Spawn of Laban by E.C. Tubb
  17. World Aflame, A by E.C. Tubb


  1. EFLunn
    I first read this novel when printed in paperback in the UK in the mid 70's. Its unalderated space opera with a larger than life hero. The ebook is I think overpriced at £4.99 for what was a 125 page paperback. This is particularly so when considering its also volume 1 of a 17 book series.
    1. Apologies for the delayed reply. This is actually an oversight on our part as the first half a dozen books in the series should be priced at £2.99. This has since been corrected and the new price should be appearing on retail sites any day now. Thank you for your comments!

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