Mother of Storms : Star Requiem

by Adrian Cole

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It is on this planet, where only the Windmasters can summon the devastating power of rain, gale, thunder, and lightning, that the last surviving remnants of humankind have come, fleeing the destruction of their empire at the hands of the alien Csendook. And it is here the human race will be resurrected...or exterminated. The sorcerers of this barbaric, inhospitable world have vowed to cleanse Innasmorn of the uninvited "abomination." And somewhere in the swirl of the dimensions - eons distant but as near as a word of power - the relentless Csendook destroyers scent human blood on the galactic wind.


Titles in this series

  1. Labyrinth of Worlds by Adrian Cole
  2. Mother of Storms by Adrian Cole
  3. Thief of Dreams by Adrian Cole
  4. Warlord of Heaven by Adrian Cole


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