Retief and the Rascals : Retief

by Keith Laumer

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Terran diplomat and interplanetary troubleshooter Jame Retief must stop the belligerent, five-eyed Groaci from invading the beleaguered planet of Bloor, which is already plagued by violence between rival gangs.


Titles in this series

  1. Galactic Diplomat by Keith Laumer
  2. Retief and the Rascals by Keith Laumer
  3. Retief and the Warlords by Keith Laumer
  4. Retief in the Ruins by Keith Laumer
  5. Retief of the CDT by Keith Laumer
  6. Retief to the Rescue by Keith Laumer
  7. Retief: Ambassador to Space: Seven Incidents of the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne by Keith Laumer
  8. Retief: Emissary to the Stars by Keith Laumer
  9. Retief: Envoy to New Worlds by Keith Laumer
  10. Retief's Ransom by Keith Laumer
  11. Retief's War by Keith Laumer
  12. Return of Retief, The by Keith Laumer
  13. Reward for Retief by Keith Laumer


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