Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died

by Harry Harrison, and Leon E Stover

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Three men against the might of Atlantis...

Fleeing from the volcanic eruption that devastated the island kingdom of Atlantis, three men escape to Britain - the island of the Yerni. The three are Prince Ason of Mycenae, the Egyptian envoy Iteb and Aias, the man from Byblos whom Atlantis had enslaved.

Mycenae's vital British tin mines have been laid waste - their guardians massacred. The three voyagers - together with Naikeri, proud daughter of the Albi and Ason's lover - take on the warlike Yerni.

Then their old enemies the Atlanteans invade, and it becomes imperative to unite the Yerni against them, to forge a new nation from warring tribes by raising the mighty stone symbol of a new order...



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