Wall of Serpents

by L. Sprague deCamp, and Fletcher Pratt

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The Mathematics of Magic was probably the greatest discovery of the ages - at least Professor Harold Shea thought so. With the proper equations, he could instantly transport himself back in time to all the wondrous lands of ancient legend.

But slips in time were a hazard, and Shea's magic did not always work - at least, not quite as he expected . . .

The Wall of Serpents is the third in L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt's much-loved Compleat Enchanter series.



  1. MacSpon
    I bought this book through Kobo. But I was shocked to find that, unlike my print copy of "The Wall of Serpents", the ebook only contains half the book! Print editions of "Wall of Serpents" generally contain the fourth and fifth Harold Shea stories, "The Wall of Serpents" and "The Green Magician". However, the SFGateway ebook only contains the former. "The Green Magician" is missing. I am *highly* disappointed!

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