West of Eden : EDEN

by Harry Harrison

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In this brilliant acclaimed novel dinosaurs still rule the Earth.

The cosmic catastrophe that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago never happened. The evolution of the great reptiles continued, climaxing with the Yilanè, the most intelligent and advanced race on Earth.
But when the onset of a new Ice Age forces them to cross the ocean to explore and colonize a vast contingent, they clash violently with a savage new breed of mammal that they have never before encountered. Mammals that walk erect, hunt and use crude stone tools - and weapons . . .


Titles in this series

  1. Return to Eden by Harry Harrison
  2. West of Eden by Harry Harrison
  3. Winter in Eden by Harry Harrison


  1. electricmonk
    I'm halfway through the book and enjoying it, but... this ebook version is riddled with typos, missing punctuation marks, mis-spellings, formatting errors - it's a mess. (And no, I'm not talking about the names of some of the characters, I know those are supposed to look odd.) For me that really detracts from the reading experience. What's happened, Orion? It reads as if it was scanned and OCR'd from an old print edition (which is understandable) but then proof-read by a dyslexic in half an hour flat.

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