Worlds Enough and Time : WORLDS

by Joe Haldeman

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With their homeworld in ruins, ten thousand brave colonists set out for the stars. Among them is Marianne O'Hara - who survived a baptism of cataclysmic fire to emerge as the last hope of her doomed race. But madness, mysterious deaths and irreversible sabotage threaten their mission - propelling the crippled starship Newhome blindly toward an unimaginable future, and hurtling Marianne toward an astonishing confrontation that could mean the end or the transcendent rebirth of humankind.


Titles in this series

  1. Worlds Apart: Book Two by Joe Haldeman
  2. Worlds Enough and Time by Joe Haldeman
  3. Worlds: A Novel of the Near Future by Joe Haldeman


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