Guilty pleasures

MalcolmJE posted this 10 October 2011

We all have them – movies or TV series which aren’t meant to be very good, but which we secretly enjoy more than other, better-regarded works.


My current favourite is Solomon Kane, a film which barely touched our cinema screens on its voyage to DVD.  It is fantastically enjoyable, anchored with a performance of virtuoso cloak-twirling from James Purefoy.  Beats me why Mackenzie Crook didn’t score an Oscar nomination for his mad priest, tending to a crypt full of ravening zombies.  Other characters are so carefully rendered that in the credits they have names like ‘Skinhead’ and ‘Tattoo’.


It’s only rated 6.2 on IMDB, but the comments on the site suggest that many others have liked it as much as I did.


That’s my current guilty pleasure.  What’s yours?

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thisisaslongas posted this 10 October 2011

Undead.  It's an Australian alien zombie plague movie, which involves three shotguns bolted together and an alien that is comfortable without clothes.  I love movies that don't take themselves too seriously.

5.6 on imdb, but what does that matter?

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MalcolmJE posted this 12 October 2011
I'd never heard of this, but I'll definitely be looking out for it.
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vodkafan posted this 13 October 2011

Trancers. Awful special effects but some good moments. And of course Helen Hunt.

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garryap17 posted this 13 October 2011

Equilibrium with Christian Bale a daft storyline but excellent action movie one for pizza and beer!

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willowroolz posted this 13 October 2011

I totally agree about Solomon Kane - it was great fun, and I got one of the collections for my Kindle after watching it.

I think my guilty pleasure would have to be Underworld.  6.8 on IMDB, but should get at least another 2 points for Kate Beckinsale's outfit.

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MalcolmJE posted this 14 October 2011

Yes, I've enjoyed both Equilibrium and Trancers.  I even went to see Trancers in the cinema on first release.

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Null posted this 21 October 2011

Well, "Lifeforce" probably qualifies.  For one thing, Mathilda May naked.  For another, wait, do I need another?

The film really worked great in the "American" edit.  It just shot along so fast that the illogical and the "hang on, what was that?" moments didn't have time to register.  In the "European" cut it slows down, and you have time to say, "Wait a moment, this is pretty stupid.  Oh wait another moment, Mathilda May naked!"

I read the novel (The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson) a couple of years ago, and it's surprizing how much of the dialogue went straight into the script.

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