Authors for Whom SF Gateway holds World English Rights

Here follows a list of authors for whom SF Gateway holds World English Rights. This means readers in territories traditionally held by North American publishers should be able to purchase these authors' books from their local eBook retailers.

As a rule, readers outside the US, its territories, Canada and the Philipines, should be able to purchase all SF Gateway books. This page is largely a service to our North American readers, who are understandably frustrated at having to click through to individual book pages to see whether or not they can buy them.


Barrington J. Bayley

Fredric Brown

John Brunner*

Kenneth Bulmer

Pat Cadigan

John W. Campbell

Terry Carr

D. G. Compton

Michael G. Coney

Edmund Cooper

Richard Cowper

Christopher Evans

R. L. Fanthorpe
(see also Thornton Bell, Leo Brett, Bron Fane, John E. Muller, Lionel Robert, Trebor Thorpe, Pel Torro and Karl Zeigfreid)

Mark S. Geston

Joseph Green

John Gribbin

Philip E. High

Leigh Kennedy

Garry Kilworth

Barry N. Malzberg

Phillip Mann

David I. Masson

Richard M. McKenna

Rachel Pollack

Mack Reynolds

Keith Roberts

Scott Rohan Michael

Josephine Saxton

Bob Shaw

Mary Shelley

John Sladek

E. E. 'Doc' Smith

Norman Spinrad

Olaf Stapledon

E. C Tubb

Ian Watson

Ted White


* N.B. There are some territorial oddities in John Brunner's work whereby approximately one third of his work is only available in the UK & Commonwealth territories; we will expand this page to explicitly note those titles in the very near future.