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    Emperor, kinslayer, mercenary, sorcerer ... Eternal Champion.
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    Dorian Hawkmoon von Koln: enemy of Chaos, servant of the Runestaff.
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    The World Fantasy Award-winning tale of Albion's empire.


SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Michael Moorcock

Michael John Moorcock (born 1939) is a UK writer and editor, married to Hilary Bailey 1962-1978; London-based until around 1980, and London-obsessed from his first vivid memories of the bombing in World War Two of its southern suburbs, an experience constantly reflected in his fiction – wartime London underlies many of its characteristic landscapes and Icons and its images of Entropy – and central to what may be his finest single novel, Mother London (1988), a work of singular complexity whose comprehensive grasp makes generic pigeonholing impossible, despite touches of Telepathy and other psi phenomena in the text. In general, it is difficult to pigeonhole Moorcock's work; as a whole his many titles comprise a far-reaching array of Equipoisal strategies available for the writing of Fantastika, though a high proportion of them do default in the end to fantasy, and are not treated here in detail . . .

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