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    October's Author of the Month is the multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Forever War, Joe Haldeman.
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    The first collection of the razor-sharp criticism of William Atheling, Jr - better know to the SF world as James Blish.
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    Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth's classic satirical dissection of capitalism run amok (print only)
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    Contains Tarzan at the Earth's Core, Tarzan the Invincible and four more tales of the Lord of the Jungle.


SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman (Born 1943) is a US writer who took a BSc in physics and astronomy before serving as a combat engineer in Vietnam (1968-1969), where he was severely wounded, earning a Purple Heart; later, in 1975, he took an MFA. This range of degrees was an early demonstration of the range of interests that have shaped the Hard SF with which he has sometimes been identified; his experiences in Vietnam have in fact marked everything he has written, including his first book, War Year (1972), a non-sf novel set there, and the concurrently drafted (though much delayed) 1968 (1994).

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