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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Joe Haldeman

Joe William Haldeman (born 1943) is a US writer who took a BS in physics and astronomy before serving as a combat engineer in Vietnam (1968-1969), where he was severely wounded, earning a Purple Heart; later, in 1975, he took an MFA. This range of degrees was an early demonstration of the range of interests that have shaped the Hard SF with which he has sometimes been identified; his experiences in Vietnam have in fact marked everything he has written, including his first book, War Year (1972), a non-sf novel set there, and the concurrently drafted (though much delayed) 1968 (1994). Haldeman began publishing sf with "Out of Phase" for Galaxy in September 1969, and came to sudden prominence with the critical and popular success of his first sf novel, The Forever War (June 1972-January 1975 Analog; fixup 1974), opening the Forever series whose description of the life of soldiers in a Future War counterpoints and in some ways rebuts Robert A Heinlein's vision in Starship Troopers (October-November 1959 F&SF as "Starship Soldier"; 1959), clearly treating that difficult novel as a problematic precursor text throughout.

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