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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy (born 1955) is the working name of US writer Patrice Ann Murphy, who began publishing work of genre interest with "No Mother Near" for Galaxy in October 1975, though the first story she wishes to acknowledge was "Nightbird at the Window" in Chrysalis 5 (1979) edited by Roy Torgeson. Her first novel was the obscurely published The Shadow Hunter (1982), in which a Stone-Age man is displaced by a Time-Travel device into a cruelly alienating future. The theme of displacement, whether through time or across the gulf of species, significantly shapes Murphy's two most famous works: Rachel in Love (April 1987 Asimov's), which won a Nebula and a Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and The Falling Woman (1986), which won Murphy another Nebula in the same year . . .

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