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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

Arkady (1925-1991) and Boris (1933-2012) Strugatsky were Russian writers. Before they began to collaborate in the early 1950s, Arkady studied English and Japanese, and worked as a technical translator and editor, and Boris was a computer mathematician at Pulkovo astronomical observatory. The brothers' first books made up the Noon Universe interplanetary cycle: Strana bagrovykh tuch ["The Country of Crimson Clouds"] (1959); Shest' spichek ["Six Matches"] (coll 1960); Put'na Amal'teiu (coll 1960), the lead novella of which was translated by Leonid Kolesnikov as the title story of Destination: Amaltheia (anth 1962 USSR); Vozvrashchenie (Polden'. 22-i vek) (coll of linked stories 1962; exp to 22 stories vt Polden', XXII vek (Vozvrashchenie) 1967; trans Patrick L McGuire as Noon: 22nd Century 1978 US); and Stazhery (coll of linked stories 1962; trans Antonina W Bouis as Space Apprentice 1982). This optimistic future History, set on or near Earth over a two-century period, espouses the romance of exploration and humanity's Utopian thrust forward against the forces of Nature, and is acted out by believable vernacular heroes . . .

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