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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg (born 1935) is a US author, and extremely prolific writer of more than one hundred sf books, a large number of nonfiction books (not always under his own name) and a great deal of other work, including an estimated two hundred erotic novels as by Don Elliott and other undisclosed pseudonyms; he has also edited or co-edited more than seventy anthologies. He began to write while studying for his BA at Columbia University, where he continued an involvement in sf Fandom; his first professionally published story was "Gorgon Planet" for Nebula in February 1954, though his first actual sale was "The Sacred River" for Lilith Lorraine's little magazine The Avalonian in 1952; his first novel, a Young Adult tale, was Revolt on Alpha C (1955). By 1956 he had begun to publish prolifically – forty-nine sf stories in that year alone, work whose obvious quality immediately won him a Hugo as Most Promising New Author . . .

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