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SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Sheri S Tepper

Sheri Stewart Tepper (1929-2016) was a US author whose first genre publications were poems under her then married name Sheri S Eberhart, the earliest being "Lullaby, 1990" in Galaxy for December 1963. She then fell silent as an author, beginning to write again only once she was in her fifties, producing sf and fantasy as Tepper, a horror novel as by E E Horlak, and non-fantastic detective novels (not listed below) as by B J Oliphant and A J Orde. Her first-written novel, a long, complex work of sf, eventually appeared as The Revenants (1984). Her first-published novel was King's Blood Four (1983), which begins the long and very interesting True Game series (see Chess), continuing with Necromancer Nine (1983) and Wizard's Eleven (1984). This initial trilogy was prequelled by another trio: The Song of Mavin Manyshaped (1985), The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped (1985) and The Search of Mavin Manyshaped (1985). A third sequence comprises Jinian Footseer (1985), Dervish Daughter (1986) and Jinian Star-Eye (1986) . . .

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