Misenchanted Sword, The : Legend of Ethshar

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

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Ethshar and the Northern Empire have been at war for hundreds of years. No one remembers why anymore or over what. No one dreams it could ever end until a wizard creates a sword that makes its user unbeatable.


Titles in this series

  1. Ithanalin's Restoration by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  2. Misenchanted Sword, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  3. Relics of War by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  4. Sorcerer's Widow, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  5. Spell of the Black Dagger, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  6. Spriggan Mirror, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  7. Tales of Ethshar by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  8. Unwelcome Warlock, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  9. Unwilling Warlord, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  10. Vondish Ambassador, The by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  11. With a Single Spell by Lawrence Watt-Evans


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