Nations of the Night, The : The Lightbringer Trilogy

by Oliver Johnson

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In this, the second book of the epic trilogy begun in The Forging of the Shadows, the once-glorious city of Thrull has become a place of death and despair. Seven years before, Lord Faran Groton, High Priest of the God of Darkness, overthrew Thrull and set loose his army of vampires to plague the city, waiting for the day the sun would rise no more...But the God of Light has his champions as well. A motley trio of survivors searches for the three ancient artifacts which can defeat the darkness. Traveling far beyond their own lands, they will encounter nightmares and disasters before facing their most dangerous enemies -- the Dark-born Nations of the Night!


Titles in this series

  1. Forging of the Shadows, The by Oliver Johnson
  2. Last Star at Dawn, The by Oliver Johnson
  3. Nations of the Night, The by Oliver Johnson


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