Riders of the Winds : Changewinds

by Jack L. Chalker

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Behold the horned demon of the snows...
Who calls himself Klittichorn and schemes o destroy all Akahlar. With the power of the changewinds he can control the mighty storms that alter man and creature alike.

Beware his evil minions...
Who seek the beautiful Storm Princess in the Kudaan Wastes - lands that teem with frightful monsters and Storm Riders from the Inner Hells.

Run like the wind...
Or stand to fight with magic. For the fate not just of this but of all worlds is in the balance.


Titles in this series

  1. Riders of the Winds by Jack L. Chalker
  2. War of the Maelstrom by Jack L. Chalker
  3. When the Changewinds Blow by Jack L. Chalker


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