Roderick : RODERICK

by John Sladek

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Roderik is a robot and he's on the run in the USA of the very near future. He's on the run for having been illicitly conceived and manufactured at the University of Minnetonka. He is also a 'learning machine' growing up in a complex technological age which threatens to submerge him in a mire of meaningless and mundane values. The older he gets and the more widely he travels, the more unable he is to comprehend the lost innocence of adults. He encounters the plastic lifestyles of middle-managers in rolling suburbia, confronts megalomaniac army officers and a hotch-potch assortment of ad-men, con-men, CIA agents, Mafiosi. Slowly but surely, in his attempt to become "humanized," Roderik wonders if in fact he should become more machine-like.


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